ITTV promotes italy as a creative and innovative system for the world's most important content markets.

The escalating competition in the world of streaming video-on-demand and OTT platforms and the need for original and international content gave us, in 2018, the idea to create a Festival that is not “just” Awards and red carpets but also a platform to screen premieres, host screenings-test for the audience, panels, networking and much more. The pandemic has increase, even more, the demand for contents and the closure of movie theaters has shifted the releases from the theaters to the home couch. That’s why we believe that more attention needs to be given to events that promotes the collaboration and cooperation between Europe and US in the audiovisual field and that the attention will generate exposure of brands and locations.ITTV is also a platform for screenwriters and actors, new ideas and faces.

The purpose

The idea of a festival came about to facilitate the conversation between those who, in Italy, think, write and produce audiovisual content, with those who, internationally, distribute, are in search of ideas, and/or seek alliances for co-productions.

The festival also offers a social setting for showcasing the latest trends in smartphone and VR headset content implementation.

It will promote also a deep collaboration between international productions, host cities, the tourism industry, and Italian companies who want to successfully affirm their brands, worldwide. 

The event

ITTV Festival will showcase a wide array of Italian productions, and will capture the imagination of American and international veterans of Television series, films for TV, streaming productions, reality shows, web series, and titles in original Italian format that are ready for export.

Launch date was September 19, 2019.
ITTV Festival I The Preview - a program to promote the continued growth of cultural and business synergies between Italy, the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The future editions of the festival will be held in September, during the week before the Emmys, the most important TV awards.


The festival is the brainchild of


A start-up founded by
three industry professionals:
Valentina Martelli
Cristina Scognamillo
Francesca Scorcucchi

The Armando Testa Group company that promotes operations related to the world of entertainment in Hollywood, as well as advertising campaign of Italian products on the American market.