Nils Hartmann

Sky Italia's Original Production Director

In ten years of original productions Sky has mapped out a path, which we are proud to be able to present at the ITTV Festival – a new and exciting platform to talk about new opportunities and challenges for Italian TV productions.


Eleonora Andreatta

Vice president Italian language originals Netflix

The Italian TV Festival in Los Angeles is an excellent opportunity to highlight Italian TV series and increase the amount of attention they receive in the land of the most powerful serial television production. This is especially important for Rai Fiction and for its consolidated international strategy, which is driving our products to expand into new areas. The Festival is beneficial for connecting with the leading players in global distribution on large-scale international co-productions, such as Medici, My Brilliant Friend and The Name of the Rose. Likewise, it is good for the high-concept genre television that has been purchased by TV networks throughout the world. Stories of this kind are closely tied to our national identity and include Inspector Montalbano, Maltese, Rocco Schiavone, The Hunter and many others that are quickly gaining international viewers. On one hand the patrimony of Italian history, culture, art, literature and landscape is on display and on the other hand, the series boast creative plots, characters and languages. It is a sign of the overall vitality of the Italian production system and of a market that adapts and widens the space for those who have ideas, projects and the ability to compete. I am confident that this will be confirmed at the Italian TV Festival, which will provide inspiration and plenty of new opportunities.


Silvia Chiave

Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles

An innovative Made in Italy is accompanying the Italian TV’s renaissance: talented artists and international productions have contributed to commercially successful and critically acclaimed television series. I am sure that the IITV Festival, that has shown the capacity to seize this moment to promote the Italian Tv’s quality and excellence, will be a great success that will last over time and that will open new scenarios for bilateral collaborations in the audiovisual.


Vincent Vin Di Bona

Executive Producer: Entertainment Tonight - America's Funniest Home Videos 

There has always been a love affair between Hollywood and Italy and it continues to grow. The Italian entertainment industry isn’t just an influence; it’s a force. As usual, the Italians do it better by taking the lead in showcasing their homegrown content and fostering relations between tastemakers in both countries with the creation of the ITTV Festival. Together, our collective talent can make the most of the opportunities available to serve a growing global audience.
Buona fortuna for a successful festival!